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AERO CONSULT has been the leading supplier of aviation spare parts and components for commercial and military aircrafts worldwide. By setting a superior standard in personalized service, we pride ourselves on supplying our customers with the highest quality products at the lowest cost and on-time delivery.

Product Categories

Sealant, Adhesive & Potting/Molding Compound
Our broad line of acrylic, epoxy, urethane and cyanoacrylate can meet the demands of virtually any application - commercial or military.
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Paint, Varnish & Lacquer
Government and Aircraft Approved Specification Primers, Topcoats and Coatings. Qualified Products for a variety of Applications.
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Solvent, Cleaner & Chemical
Used for removing carbonized oil, grease, adhesive, cement, resin, paint & lacqers from ferrous metals, plastics and other surfaces. ACS approved chemicals.
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Tape, Fabric, Webbing, Packaging & Office Supply
We carry a full line of tapes - Masking, Foam, Kapton, Vinyl, Cloth, Foil, Teflon, UHMW. Nylon fabric and webbing for critical use application. Waterproofed, Vaporproofed and Greaseproofed barrier packaging materials.
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Grease, Lubricant & Antiseize Compound
Greases and Antiseize compounds that fill almost every lubrication needs of the aviation industry. Each product is designed for specific application. Hydraulic, Cutting and Damping fluids, Corrosion Inhibitors.
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Aircraft Cable, Electrical Wire & Tubing
AERO CONSULT offers the highest quality Aircraft Cables, Tubing, Hook- Up Wires and assemblies in a wide range of Standards, Insulation materials, sizes, colors and packaging to quickly and efficiently meet the new demands in the marketplace.
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Hardware, Fastener
Complete range of MS, NAS, AN, NA certified hardware to the military, aerospace, commercial and general aviation sectors for initial builds through scheduled maintenance and refurbishment.
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Featured Products

3M Polyester Film Tape 853 1/2IN WIDE
Transparent, 2.2 mil (0.05 mm) polyester film tape with solvent resistant acrylic adhesive.
Packaging Info:
1. Film Tape 853 1/2IN WIDE, Price: $41.75 RL, IN STOCK
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